what is freezing temp

Freezing Point:

  • The temperature at which a substance undergoes the transformation from the liquid into solid.
  • The freezing point and pressure are directly proportional to each other.
  • For example, the freezing point of water is 0 o C

What temperature is considered freezing in weather?

If doing strenuous outdoor activities,avoid wearing cotton. …Outer garments should be tightly woven,water repellent,and hooded.Wear a hat,because 40%of your body heat can be lost from your head.Cover your mouth to protect your lungs from extreme cold.Mittens,snug at the wrist,are better than gloves.Try to stay dry and out of the wind.

What is considered freezing temperature?

While cooler temperature and increased snow depth increase the length of the frozen period in a typical year by around 18 days, warmer temperature and decreased snow depth can decrease the length of the annual frozen period by around 48 days.

What is best temperature for freezer?

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What temp do you consider to be "cold"?

When your body temperature is between 91.4? and 85.2?F (33? and 30?C),you’ll:decrease or stop shiveringfall into a stuporfeel drowsybe unable to walkexperience quick alternations between rapid heart rate and breathing too slowlyshallow breathing