how to freeze corn on the cob

Prepare Your Corn for Blanching

Corn needs to be shucked thoroughly (Image 1) and have the ends trimmed off before being blanched. Extra care taken during this step to remove any stray silk or tough stalky ends will leave you with a better overall result.

Blanching Your Corn

Blanching is the process of lightly scalding your vegetables in boiling water for a short period of time and is a crucial step for properly freezing your corn. Blanching your corn will help it retain its color, vitamins and clean it of excess dirt and bacteria.

Tray Freezing Before Storing

Now that your corn has cooled, remove it from the ice bath and drain thoroughly. Arrange the ears on a baking tray so that they’re not touching and in a single layer. If you’re freezing loose kernels, just spread them out in a flat, even layer.

Load and Label Before Storing

Once your corn is thoroughly frozen, label and date your freezer bags then pack them with your desired quantity of corn (Image 1). Make sure to squeeze all of the excess air out of the bag before sealing it (Image 2).

Freezing Isn’t Forever

For the best flavor and results, try to use your corn within 12 months. You can store it longer but after a year the flavor and texture begin to degrade significantly. This process works with many other vegetables and makes it easy to fill your freezer ahead of the winter months.

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