how to freeze corn on the cob

Don’t Let Peak Corn Season Go to Waste

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Freezing Corn Kernels Cut from the Cob

This method of freezing corn gives you loose kernels so you can later take out just what you need. Grilling or roasting the corn before freezing gives it a smoky, intense flavor that is fantastic, while boiling, steaming or microwaving will give you more of a traditional result which is equally versatile.

Freezing Whole Ears of Corn

When freezing whole ears of corn, the goal is to be able to cook them and serve them later. So unlike the method outlined above, where the corn is cooked, then cut from the cob and frozen, here the corn isn’t going to be cooked before freezing.

Why Do We Blanch Before Freezing?

Blanching is a common food preparation technique that involves immersing food in boiling water for a relatively brief amount of timeā€”as short as 30 seconds to as long as several minutes. This is done for various reasons depending on the ingredient, but it’s done as a stage of prep rather than for the purpose of actually cooking the item.

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