how to freeze a row on excel

How do you lock a row in Excel?

Protecting the Entire WorksheetClick the ‘Review’ tabIn the Protect group,click on the ‘Protect Sheet’ optionIn the Protect Sheet dialog box that opens up,enter the password (optional)Check all the options in the Protect Sheet dialog box (except the ‘Format Columns’ and ‘Format Rows’ options).Click OK

How to freeze first column and first row in Excel?

The steps to freeze the excel row 1 and column A together are listed as follows:Select the cell B2.Press the shortcut keys “Alt+W+F+F” one by one. It freezes the column to the left of the selected cell B2. …On scrolling from top to bottom and left to right,the row 1 and column A are visible. The same is shown in the following image.

How do you freeze rows in a spreadsheet?

Re: Freezing rows in the middle of a work sheetSelect row just above the one u want to freezeSelect the row just below the one u want to freezeClick on View top (towards the top centre of the screenSelect First option from Freeze PanesSmile!

How do you freeze more than one row?

How to Freeze a Single Row on ExcelOpen the Excel worksheet and select the row you wish to freeze. To do so,you need to select the row number on the extreme left. …Click on the “View” tab at the top and select the “Freeze Panes” command. …From the options listed,select “Freeze Top Row.” This will freeze the first row,no matter what row you happen to have currently selected.