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Does Yogurt Go Bad?

Though yogurt has a relatively long shelf life for a dairy product, it will still expire over time. When it’s out of the fridge at room temperature, yogurt is only safe to eat for about two hours.

How to Freeze Yogurt

Frozen yogurt is different from refrigerated yogurt in terms of ingredients.

How to Use Frozen Yogurt

You’re free to eat frozen yogurt once it’s thawed – if you like the flavor and texture, it’s perfectly safe.

How to Thaw Frozen Yogurt

If you’re using your frozen yogurt cubes in a smoothie, there’s no need to thaw – just toss them in and blend away!

Final Notes: Extending Yogurt’s Life

Freezing yogurt can be a handy method to help cut down on your food waste if you’re not going to get through it before it goes bad.

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