does hot water freeze faster

Four Ways to Freeze Yogurt

The simplest, fastest way to freeze yogurt is to simply pop the original container in the freezer. While you can take this approach with larger tubs, it makes the most sense for single-serving containers, as you can then thaw only what you need.

How to Thaw Yogurt

Regardless of how you freeze yogurt, there’s only one way to thaw it and that is in the fridge, preferably overnight. Like many dairy items, yogurt will separate a bit when frozen, which can make it watery or grainy. This makes it essential to stir the thawed yogurt thoroughly before using.

How to Use Frozen Yogurt

Yogurt that has been frozen and thawed loses some of its creamy, smooth texture. In addition to textural changes, some yogurt tastes more tart after being frozen. While you can eat it by itself, try freezing a small amount first to see if you like it—you may prefer some brands or flavors to others.

How to Eat Frozen Yogurt Frozen

While yogurt doesn’t magically turn into the sweet and creamy dessert we know and love when we freeze it, some people do enjoy it straight from the freezer. You can just dig your spoon in, place popsicle sticks into single servings while freezing, or plan ahead and make these Coconut Yogurt Pops.

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