can you freeze sour cream

The by-products that enter a process destined to be clarified (or evaporated) and collected in a milk tank will include a great variety of materials. The solids obtained at the end of clarification are called fat and are usually separated into skimmed milk or butter by placing them on refrigerated or heated pans.
In some cases, during the fat refining process, up to 20% of the solids may have been detached from the clotting protein fraction (the amount is important depending on the application). This \Let’s watch this article together discussing can you freeze sour cream questions. Remember to post any questions you may have below the video.

How to Use Frozen Sour Cream

To use your frozen sour cream, just allow it to thaw in the refrigerator for a day or so (thaw time will depend on how full the container was when you froze it). If you’ll be adding the sour cream to something like soup, you can even add it directly to the pot while it’s frozen. It’ll thaw out fast enough.

More Ways to Use Up Sour Cream

If you’re just trying to get that tub of sour cream out of the fridge, there are plenty of things that you can do with it. Put it to work in one of these recipes, or use some of it to start a batch of homemade sour cream. While more sour cream may be the last thing you need right now, it’s still cool to know you can make it yourself.