can you freeze mushrooms

Yes there are 3 methods for freezing mushrooms… 1. Store in container in the refrigerator and freeze using acetone or alcohol (e-wax). 2. Freeze in a freezer bag and remove as soon as they defrost.
3. Chop or slice directly at room temperature, transfer to a freezer container or air tight bag, place deep freezer while you cook!This is a short movie about can you freeze mushrooms. Let’s watch it together. If you have any questions, please reply to this news video.


This is an easy way to make your mushrooms last. Since mushrooms are about 95% water, it is important to sauté them before freezing them. It will leave you with better quality mushrooms after you defrost them.


Feel free to add yummy spices, onions, shallots and/or garlic. It will only make your frozen mushrooms better when defrosted. Try our sautéed mushroom recipe.