can you freeze mushrooms

I do not know how long mushrooms can be frozen, but I have taken large amounts of the larger ones (when they were first small) and put those in a freezer bag sealed well. They froze easily in my opinions (I think they should be able to last a few years or indefinitely). Perhaps you can clean them first?This is an article on can you freeze mushrooms. We cannot watch it unless you join us. Please post any questions in the replies section of this post.

Keep Your Favorite Varieties on Hand for Cooking

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Clean and Prep

Wash your mushrooms in cold water and trim off the ends of the stems. Mushrooms more than one-inch across should be sliced or quartered.

Cooking for Freezing

Mushrooms should be cooked before freezing. There are two ways to accomplish this:

Flash Freeze for Best Taste

Allow the mushrooms to cool completely. Then spread them out on a cookie sheet and flash-freeze them. Once they’re completely frozen, use a spatula to lift the mushrooms from the cookie sheet. Then pack the mushrooms in freezer-safe containers or bags, leaving a half-inch of headspace for expansion, and return them to the freezer.

How to Use Them

Drop the frozen mushroom pieces directly into recipes that will be heated or thaw the mushrooms in the refrigerator before you use them. Since you froze your mushrooms individually, you’ll be able to scoop out just what you need for your recipe.

More Ways to Preserve Mushrooms

If your fresh mushrooms don’t last as long in the fridge as you’d like them to, it could be the way you’re storing them. Avoid stacking things on top of them to avoid bruising, and keep them away from strong-smelling items as mushrooms are like sponges and will absorb the scent.