can you freeze mushrooms

You can freeze most any plant material, including mushrooms: http:\/\/\/main\/content\/droppers-growing-seeds-frozen-spores—yumemushrooms.html
I doubt mushrooms would be your only choice though (you want to pollinate and hang in a location that is protected from critters and sun), so something like:
Understanding genetics of ‘spawning’ on different substrates and available light is key when growing mushrooms at home or indoor grows . Get a mushroom growing book, take notes, and research it all on your own time . Next , set up having 4 or 5 substrates on which you will base your spawn runs , such as paper towels , vermiculite , rice paper towels, coco coir , preformed mycelium bags (mixed with water) or hydrated sphagnum moss draped over hoops or pinned inside foam trays ). After making the logs for each type above (There is an article about can you freeze mushrooms, please watch it together. If you have any questions, remember to reply.

Freeze First Row

This feature could be used to freeze a particular row or header that you would need to refer every time while working on excel. In this option only the top row will freeze.

Freeze First Column

This feature could be used to freeze a particular column that you would need to refer while working on excel. In this option only the first column will freeze.

Freeze Panes

This feature could be used to freeze multiple rows, columns or both at the same time. However, this could be done only for the consecutive rows or columns.

Unfreeze Panes

If you have frozen the wrong rows and columns, then you could easily undo it by using “Unfreeze Panes” option. This would remove all the frozen rows and \ or columns in your excel.

Freeze panes versus Splitting Panes

Excel also provides you an excellent option to Split Panes which divides the window into different panes that each pane scrolls separately. This option is present in Excel Ribbon, View tab next to Freeze Option.

Is Freeze Pane option disabled?

If you have come across a case wherein the Freeze Pane option is disabled in your sheet, then it must be due to one of the following reasons: